Many people avoid obtaining a will because either they feel it will take too much time and money, or they believe they do not need one. In reality, obtaining a will is often a fairly easy, inexpensive process that will save your estate and beneficiaries a great deal of time and expense.

I have drafted wills for more than 20 years. They are the most commonly used and inexpensive form of estate planning. Wills can be simple, or contain trusts that are formed on the death of the testator to provide for minor children or adult children the testator prefers not have their entire gift at one time. This is the least expensive method and is generally drafted for the client or couple in one brief visit.

I offer simple wills for cases where they will adequately suit the needs of the client, and recommend trusts only where the situation requires that expense. Make sure your assets, wishes, and interests are protected. Contact me today.

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