For years, I have helped my colleagues resolve their family law matters by serving as a Pro Tem Judge presiding over settlement conferences, and by providing experienced mediation services for lawyers. I have 23 years of experience handling complex litigation in family law matters, and have had much success in helping attorneys settle cases.

Mediation can offer the following benefits:

  • Address the issues in a less formal setting;
  • Save litigation time and expense by narrowing the issues that need to be tried;
  • Help you prepare for litigation on the issues that can’t be settled;
  • Resolve all issues;
  • Help counsel to work with clients who may not be receptive to negotiation.

Trials are expensive, and often times a “second opinion” on the issues by an experienced colleague can save both parties money and emotional distress. I welcome the opportunity to provide either that “second opinion” or qualified mediation services to you and your clients. Contact me today.

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