Unmarried Parents

In Minnesota the mother of a child born out of wedlock has sole legal and physical custody pending the filing of a paternity petition by the child's father. If you are the father of a child and no longer living in the same household as the child's mother you will need to take legal action to enforce your parenting rights. If you are the mother of a child and were never married to the child's father you can initiate proceedings for the support of the child. These proceedings are common and are handled in a manner similar to the way they are handled in a divorce but the proceeding is titled differently.

In these proceedings either parent can initiate them and all issues including custody, visitation and support can be determined. Attorney's fees can also be awarded in these proceedings where one parent has higher earnings than the other and is unable to pay for their own fees and costs. If you have a child and were not maried to the child's other parent I can help. Please call for a no cost discussion.

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