Post Judgment Modifications

After a divorce, the circumstances of one or both parties often will change. If the original divorce decree included a child support order or a spousal support order, those orders may need to be modified in the event of changes involving income or employment status. In some instances the decree will also divide property in a way that involves future events such as a deferred sale of the homestead or lien against an asset for a future equalization payment from one spouse to another to make up for an unequal division. These can lead to requests for modification or enforcement of the decree.

I provide assistance to clients seeking post judgment modifications or enforcement proceedings by advising them of their options, drafting the necessary documents, filing the petitions, and representing them in court. If your ex-spouse is not adhering to the original orders set out in your divorce, or if you are seeking to change the terms of the decree, I can also assist you in filing petitions for enforcement. To discuss your options, contact me today.

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