Limited Scope Representation

If you are unable to afford the services of counsel for all of your issues but need to have representation on a limited basis I can help. Because of the hardship divorce can have on some families the courts will allow parties to represent themselves on the issues they can manage and have counsel on specific matters. This is called limited scope representation. It is an affordable way of having counsel where you absolutely must have it and managing the remaining issues on your own to save the expense of full service representation.

For example, if your finances are such that you do not believe support of property division warrants the expenditure, but you absolutely need help with the child custody and parenting plan issues I can be retained to provide limited scope representation limited to child custody and visitation issues. This would allow you to devote your limited resources to the issues you are unable to manage alone. If you cannot afford full representation but need limited services please contact me for a discussion of your needs and the costs involved.

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