Evidentiary hearings are scheduled for resolution of matters pending trial and post judgment. They are formal court appearances similar to trials where the court will hear the testimony of witnesses and allow the parties to present documents and other evidence. The formal rules of evidence will apply and the proceedings can be difficult to get through without the assistance of counsel.

I have handled hundreds of evidentiary hearings in family law proceedings including but not limited to child support motions, spousal maintenance motions, child custody modification proceedings, emergency orders for protection in domestic violence proceedings, residence exclusion hearings, post judgment enforcement proceedings, motions for attorneys fees and more. These matters are generally initiated by the filing of a motion which states an initial date and time for hearing. Sometimes the hearings are limited to the pleadings filed and arguments made and other times the initial hearing is used to schedule a hearing at a later date when the court will have more time for the taking of evidence.

If you have been served with a Notice of Motion and have an upcoming hearing you should contact me immediately. Generally preparation will be required and documents will need to be filed in a timely manner. It will be difficult for you to find representation for a matter scheduled for hearing unless you act promptly.

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