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Do you have a client who has children or property in the State of California? If you need to bring a motion or have questions on California legal issues, I have more than 20 years experience as an attorney in California. My experience includes cases in most courts in the Northern part of the State, and I am familiar with many of the Judges in Sacramento, Placer, Shasta and Tehama Counties. As an attorney with an emphasis on family law, I am thoroughly versed on the California family law process and am also familiar with a number of parenting mediators and experts in forensic accounting.

Although I have relocated to Minnesota, I will retain my license to practice in California. I currently continue to service clients in California and have the knowledge and expertise to handle complex cases. The following is a list of the services I can provide:

  • Answering questions you may have about a CA case or issue;
  • Referrals for California experts or local counsel;
  • Association of counsel to work with you on a case to bring a motion or litigate a part of your case;
  • Full representation if you have a client who needs a CA attorney but resides here.

Any referral will be handled with the utmost respect for your relationship with your client. If you prefer to meet with me or to get to know more about me prior to making a referral, I welcome your contact. You may also check my CA status on the CA Bar Website; my CA Bar # is 120648.

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