Family Law

Family Law

Family Law Thoroughly knowledgeable in the family law process, I have handled a number of complex family law matters involving: business valuations, forensic custody evaluations, complex tracing issues concerning assets of mixed character, and cases involving b… Read More

Minnesota and California Cases

I handle all family law, child custody for divorced and unwed parents, and post decree modification issues in both California and Minnesota. I also draft simple estate planning documents in both states including wills and powers of attorney. I am dul… Read More

Post Judgment Modification

Your final Judgment and Decree will resolve your immediate issues and set up a parenting plan, support provisions, and it will divide your property so you can start building separate lives. However, it does not always end there. The needs of your chi… Read More

Limited Scope Representation

If you are unable to afford the services of counsel for all of your issues but need to have representation on a limited basis I can help. Because of the hardship divorce can have on some families the courts will allow parties to represent themselves… Read More


Evidentiary hearings are scheduled for resolution of matters pending trial and post judgment. They are formal court appearances similar to trials where the court will hear the testimony of witnesses and allow the parties to present documents and othe… Read More


A trial is scheduled if some or all of your issues cannot be resolved in negotiations. It is a last resort and the final step in the dissolution process. My policy is to prepare your case as if it were going to be tried before a judge, but to negotia… Read More

Unmarried Parents

In Minnesota the mother of a child born out of wedlock has sole legal and physical custody pending the filing of a paternity petition by the child’s father. If you are the father of a child and no longer living in the same household as the chil… Read More

Property Division

In a dissolution of marriage in the State of Minnesota assets and liabilities accumulated during marriage are divided in a manner that is deemed “fair and equitable”. There is a presumption that fair is equal but equal division is not alw… Read More

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance is one of the most heavily litigated issue in divorce cases. Part of the reason for that is the fact that it involves discretion. In Minnesota there is a statute that governs the issuance of spousal maintenance. It provides that m… Read More

Tracing Non-Marital Interests

Coming soon. Read More

Complex Divorce Cases

Some issues that can make your case more complex include: Business Interests Property owned prior to marriage Contributions to marital property with non-marital funds Child Custody Evaluations Special Needs Children Requests to move children to other… Read More

Tracing Issues

There are two types of property: marital and separate. The separate property of a spouse remains separate after the divorce with a few exceptions. Only the marital property – or the marital interest in separate property- is divided, and it is d… Read More

Business Valuations

If you are getting divorced and you, or your spouse, own a business, the value of that business will need to be calculated in order to ensure that the property is divided fairly. Often, the business will be in only one spouse’s name, and may ha… Read More

Post Judgment Modifications

After a divorce, the circumstances of one or both parties often will change. If the original divorce decree included a child support order or a spousal support order, those orders may need to be modified in the event of changes involving income or em… Read More

Child Support

Child support is established using a mathematical formula created by the Minnesota Legislature. The formula is computerized; various numbers are plugged into the program and a number is determined that considers all of the relevant factors. Some of t… Read More

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Mediation can have two meanings in a family law proceeding, and if so each will affect your case in a different way. The first meaning refers to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, where both you and your spouse meet with a single attorn… Read More

Child Custody

When a divorce involves minor children, the needs of the children are paramount. Depending on their ages and stages of development, they will be grieving the loss of the family unit in a variety of ways. Their needs may be difficult to ascertain, and… Read More


Divorce is as much a life changing experience as marriage, and is often emotionally and financially difficult. A couple going through this process will usually be grieving the loss of their relationship, and transitioning from one joint budget with t… Read More
Wills & Trusts

Wills & Trusts

Wills & Trusts With over 23 years of legal experience, I focus on providing individuals with efficient, qualified representation designed to best fit their particular needs. I am currently accepting Minnesota probate and estate planning clients in Hennepin, Dakota,… Read More


Many people avoid obtaining a will because either they feel it will take too much time and money, or they believe they do not need one. In reality, obtaining a will is often a fairly easy, inexpensive process that will save your estate and beneficiar… Read More


A trust is a separate legal entity, but unlike a corporation it cannot hold title to your assets. For that reason, a Trustee is appointed and your property is transferred to the Trustee who holds title until the assets pass to your beneficiaries. The… Read More

Estate Planning

The estate planning process involves meeting with your attorney to discuss your estate, your needs, and the options available to you. Planning for the end of life is something few people want to think about, and many put it off until it is too late.… Read More

California Services

Do you have a client who has children or property in the State of California? If you need to bring a motion or have questions on California legal issues, I have more than 20 years experience as an attorney in California. My experience includes cases… Read More

Complex Cases

It is not unusual to take on a case, and, then, as it evolves discover the issues are more complex than you feel competent to handle. In those situations, the rules of professional content – as well as your malpractice carrier – require that you… Read More


For years, I have helped my colleagues resolve their family law matters by serving as a Pro Tem Judge presiding over settlement conferences, and by providing experienced mediation services for lawyers. I have 23 years of experience handling complex l… Read More

Arbitration/Private Judging

In addition to having served as a Pro Tem Judge, I have also served as a Judicial Arbitrator and am trained as an ENE evaluator and family law mediator. I have helped many of my colleagues bring resolve to their family law matters with a variety of n… Read More

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