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If You Need Enforcement Or Modification Help

Your final judgment and decree will resolve your immediate issues and set up a parenting plan and support provisions, and will divide your property so you can start building separate lives.

However, it does not always end there. The needs of your children can change, your income can change, your budget or income can lead to a need to review a spousal maintenance order, and property division provisions can require modification or enforcement. All of these situations can lead to post-judgment modification or enforcement proceedings.

After a divorce, the circumstances of one or both parties often will change. If the original divorce decree included a child support order or a spousal support order, those orders may need to be modified in the event of changes involving income or employment status.

In some instances, the decree will also divide property in a way that involves future events such as a deferred sale of the homestead or lien against an asset for a future equalization payment from one spouse to another to make up for an unequal division. These can lead to requests for modification or enforcement of the decree.

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The power of the court will be limited in these matters so it is important to know whether your situation is one where the court can help. I can help you make that determination. If help is available, I can also perform the services for a flat or an hourly fee depending on the circumstances.

I am attorney Diane Kaer. As the founder of Kaer Law, P.C., I provide assistance to clients seeking post-judgment modifications or enforcement proceedings. I can assist with your entire divorce process, or with one issue such as this. I also consult and assist other attorneys and firms in these matters.

I will advise you of your options, draft the necessary documents and file the petitions. I will also represent you in court. If your ex-spouse is not adhering to the original orders set out in your divorce, or if you are seeking to change the terms of the decree, I can also assist you in filing petitions for enforcement.

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Kaer Law, P.C., is an established firm with a strong reputation for knowledgeable client representation. To discuss your options, email me a brief summary of what you need today. To speak with me right away, call (952) 432-4131.