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Minnesota And California Cases

I am family law attorney Diane Kaer. As an attorney with over 35 years of experience in both Minnesota and California, I understand the differences in the state laws. I also know the steps that need to be taken in order to reach a successful resolution to your custody, support, divorce or another family law matter. Additionally:

  • I handle all family law and child custody matters for divorced and unwed parents, and post-decree modification issues in both California and Minnesota.
  • I also draft simple estate planning documents in both states, including wills and powers of attorney.
  • I am duly licensed to practice in both states, which requires that I adhere to strict ethical standards for both states regardless of where I am practicing.
  • I also complete the required units of continuing legal education (CLE), and I read the related case and statutory updates in both states annually.
  • I also handle mediation, arbitration and evaluations in both states.
  • Having the experience of practicing in these areas in both states has given me some expertise in jurisdictional issues. I have handled a variety of cases where the UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) applies because there are interstate custody issues, and cases where there are no children but one spouse leaves the state and files for divorce in another.

Fully Versed And Experienced In California Law

Do you have a client who has children or property in the state of California? If you need to bring a motion or have questions on California legal issues, I have more than 35 years of experience as an attorney in California.

My experience includes cases in most courts in the northern part of the state, and I am familiar with many of the judges in Sacramento, Placer, Shasta and Tehama counties. As an attorney with an emphasis on family law, I am thoroughly versed in the California family law process and am also familiar with a number of parenting mediators and experts in forensic accounting.

An Active Practice In Both States

Although I have relocated to Minnesota, I will retain my license to practice in California. I currently continue to serve clients in California and have the knowledge and experience to handle complex cases. The following is a list of the services I can provide:

  • Answering questions you may have about a California case or issue
  • Referrals for California experts or local counsel
  • Association of counsel to work with you on a case to bring a motion or litigate a part of your case
  • Full representation if you have a client who needs a California attorney but resides here

Any referral will be handled with the utmost respect for maintaining your relationship with your client. If you prefer to meet with me or to get to know more about me prior to making a referral, I welcome you to contact me. You may also check my California status on the California Bar website; my California Bar # is 12064.

Reach Out Today

When you are ready to move forward, call Kaer Law, P.C., at (952) 432-4131. You can also send me a quick contact email and I will get back to you promptly.