Preparing for Your Divorce

1. Gather/bring copies of the following:

  • Financial information, including pay stubs for both you and your spouse, bank statements, investment account statements, current debts, and lists of monthly expenditures;
  • Health insurance information, including monthly premiums;
  • Work related child care information and costs;
  • Life insurance;
  • Real Property information, including addresses, mortgage balance, current value and deeds;
  • Vehicle information, including loan balance and monthly payments;
  • Tax returns from the last three years, including business and personal;
  • Wills/trusts; and
  • Premarital Contracts.

2. Domestic Violence:

  • If your case involves domestic abuse bring copies of applications for or orders for protection and police reports

3. Consultation:

  • By gathering this information you will be prepared for the most meaningful and productive initial consultation possible.
  • Prospective counsel you interview will need it to understand your unique situation and accurately advise of your best options.
  • You should start the preparation with a consultation whether or not you intend to retain counsel.

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