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The Importance Of Business Valuations

If you are getting divorced and you or your spouse owns a business, the value of that business will need to be calculated in order to ensure that the property is divided equitably.

Often, the business will be in only one spouse’s name and may have been owned prior to the marriage. Business valuations are still recommended in these cases, as the marital property may have been used to improve the value of the company. Contact Kaer Law, P.C., to work with an experienced and skilled family law attorney who can help you with division of complex assets.

I am Diane Kaer, and I am licensed to practice in Minnesota and California. I have assisted numerous couples in dividing multiple properties and business assets equitably for more than 35 years. I also assist other firms and attorneys in complex cases. I offer legal services of a limited scope as well.

When It’s Time To Call In An Expert

There are some divorces where the property is very clearly one spouse’s or the other’s or is easily appraised. A business can be more complex. A business may be worth much more because of improvements equipment, stock or even potential. Conversely, a business may seem to be worth more than it actually is because debts, rents, wages, taxes and other costs drive down the actual income earned or liquidation value.

  • This is why it’s useful for both parties to have the business valuated by a neutral third-party expert.

Work With A Firm With The Business Valuation Experience You Need

At Kaer Law, P.C., I can help you navigate through complex divorce cases involving business valuations. I can advise and assist you in finding an expert appraiser. To get your business valuation questions answered, call (952) 432-4131. You can also send a cursory email about your situation, and I will respond within 24 hours, typically.