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3 Steps To Prepare For Divorce

Once you have decided to move forward with your divorce and have scheduled an appointment with Kaer Law, P.C., please locate and bring these items. Even if you do not enlist the help of my firm, having these things in order will be very beneficial to you as you take the steps you need to end your marriage.

1. Gather/Bring Copies Of The Following:

  • Financial information, including pay stubs for both you and your spouse, bank statements
  • investment account statements, current debts and lists of monthly expenditures
  • Health insurance information, including monthly premiums
  • Work-related child care information and costs
  • Life insurance
  • Real property information, including addresses, mortgage balance, current value and deeds
  • Vehicle information, including loan balance and monthly payments
  • Tax returns from the last three years, including business and personal
  • Wills/trusts
  • Premarital contracts

2. What To Bring When There’s Domestic Violence

  • If your case involves domestic abuse, bring copies of applications for orders of protection and police reports.

3. A Meaningful Consultation

  • By gathering this information, you will be prepared for the most meaningful and productive initial consultation possible.
  • Prospective counsel you interview will need it to understand your unique situation and accurately advise of your best options.
  • You should start the preparation with a consultation on whether or not you intend to retain counsel.

The Help You Need When You Need It

I am attorney Diane Kaer. As the founder of Kaer Law, P.C., I bring more than 35 years of legal experience to bear on every case I take. I am dedicated to helping you resolve your issues and move forward with your life. Call (952) 432-4131, or send an email at any time to get your questions answered.