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diane-kaerWith over 25 years of legal experience, Diane focuses on providing individuals with efficient, qualified representation designed to best fit their particular needs. If you need a Woodbury, MN divorce attorney, call Diane Kaer today at (952) 432-4131.

Woodbury, MN Divorce Attorney

While the issues and emotions affecting each couple may be similar, every person and family is unique. Diane's approach to every new divorce client is to listen carefully to determine what their needs are, and then to explore ways in which she can help... Woodbury, MN Divorce Information

Woodbury, MN Spousal Support Lawyer

In some marriages, one spouse either supports the other or has a much higher income than the other spouse. In those cases, the court may require one to provide for the support of the other either temporarily (during a transitional phase while the other becomes self-supporting) or permanently (until the death or remarriage of the other)... Woodbury, MN Spousal Support Information

Woodbury, MN Child Support Attorney

Child support is established using a mathematical formula created by the Minnesota Legislature. The formula is computerized; various numbers are plugged into the program and a number is determined that considers all of the relevant factors... Woodbury, MN Child Support Information

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When the child was only four months old, his mother was murdered by a man she had previously dated. Less than two weeks after the murder, Givens filed a petition seeking to become the child’s “sole legal and sole physical” custodian.

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