Why Choose Kaer Law?


  • 29 years of professional, legal experience;
  • Experienced litigator;
  • Qualified mediator and evaluator;
  • Skilled negotiator;
  • Efficient representation;
  • Long-term approach to client/attorney relationships;
  • Common sense approach;
  • Affordable;
  • Experience with special needs children;
  • Licensed to practice in two states;
  • Superior ethical standards.

What sets me apart?

  • Communication: Family law is unique in that the issues are both legal and personal. Communication is key because my clients need to understand where their issues are legal to learn what I can help them accomplish. My goal is to not only serve but also to educate my clients by providing answers promtly and courteously.
  • Affordability: For most families the financial changes are challenging and attorneys fees can seem insurmountable. I offer tips on how to keep them to a minimum, payment options, and payment plans. I also can assist the client in finding ways to have the costs paid by their supporting former partner or from marital assets they might not have independent access to.
  • Compassion: My clients need to know that I care about their needs and those of their children. Having helped many families over the course of my career has given me insight and the ability to know what my clients are experiencing at each stage of the process.
  • Overview: I start the process for new clients by giving them an understanding of the total process. I think this helps them as we go through it together and they can understand what they have accomplished and what is yet to come.
  • Experience: Having practiced family law in both states has given me some expertise in jurisdictional issues. I have handled a variety of cases where the UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) applies because there are interstate custody issues, and cases where there are no children but one spouse leaves the state and files for divorce in another.
  • Ethics: Being licensed in two states requires that my conduct be held to the standards imposed by both states regardless of where my case is being litigated.

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