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Putting The Needs Of The Child First

When a divorce involves minor children, the needs of the children are paramount. Depending on their ages and stages of development, they will be grieving the loss of the family unit in a variety of ways. Their needs may be difficult to ascertain, and, in many cases, parents will view the children’s needs differently.

In some cases, parents will have a difficult time setting aside their own emotions and staying focused on the children’s needs. In other cases, the conflicting parenting styles created some of the conflicts that led to divorce and separation is likely to increase those conflicts.

How An Experienced Attorney Can Help

These difficult custody situations cause much heartache and stress. Emotions and inexperience with state laws, the custody process and all of the “legalese” can make the process even more difficult. That is why these situations require experienced counsel. I am attorney Diane Kaer of Kaer Law, P.C. For more than 35 years, I have helped parents find the very best custody arrangement for their children. I will guide you to the resources and resolve you so desperately need. Call (952) 432-4131 to get answers to your custody questions.

Parenting Plans For All Types Of Situations

Many resources are available for both the parents and the children. Adjustment is difficult, and while help is available, it might be difficult to find. Creating a parenting plan before separating and setting up separate residence is one way to make that initial transition more successful for everyone.

The custody and visitation issues can get more complicated where the parents decide to live far apart or even in separate states. There can be difficult and complicated jurisdictional issues involving the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, also known as UCCJEA, a nationwide series of statutes adopted by most states. I have experience in relocation and can give you the guidance you need should this be an issue for you.

Whatever your situation, attention to the needs of your children is always my first priority.

Paternity For Unmarried Parents

A legal proceeding can be filed regarding child custody and visitation if you were never married but share a child.

Either parent can initiate the proceedings, and the court can address all aspects of the child’s upbringing, including setting up custody, visitation and support provisions.

This type of petition is filed to deal with those issues when the parents either no longer cohabitate, or never did and cannot agree on what is best for the child or children.

Except that these actions do not address property issues, these custody matters are otherwise treated in the same manner as a divorce proceeding on those issues.

Because You Want To Put Your Child First

If you have questions regarding child custody issues, including questions on paternity, please contact Kaer Law, P.C., online. For immediate assistance, call (952) 432-4131. I look forward to assisting you.