Choosing the Right Attorney
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Choosing the Right Attorney

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2013 | Blog |

The right attorney can drastically affect the outcome of your family law proceeding. Some attorneys can make the proceedings more adversarial then they already are. Here are items to consider in choosing the right attorney:

  • Research online, talk to friends and other professionals for a recommendation. Read some websites. Good attorneys maintain their reputation by referral. Be leery of flashy advertising. Most people will be happy to voice their opinion about a good, or bad, experience that they had with an attorney.
  • Contact the attorney’s office and if they do not respond to your call or website contact within a day or two, that should tell you about the level of service they will provide.
  • Attorney’s fees and retainers vary by firm. Some attorneys offer a flat fee and some bill hourly. When comparing costs, consider years of experience and rates. Don’t pick an attorney based solely on the lowest hourly fee.
  • Meeting with the attorney in person for an initial consultation is critical. Find someone who has the personality and work ethic most suitable for you.
  • Consider selecting an attorney outside the area where your case is being heard if you can’t find someone suitable locally.

Going through a divorce or a family law conflict is difficult. Most of the attorneys that you research are competent. The difficult part is finding the right fit for you.