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My office is located in Dakota County where I reside.  My office space is attractive and professional yet not overly costly which allows me to keep my rates affordable.  I strive to provide quality and affordability and refuse to charge clients for any services other than my hourly fees.  Some firms bill not only for attorney time but also for administrative costs.  Larger firms also bill for multiple professionals working together on your case, which multiplies the costs you pay.  I charge only for my legal services at an affordable hourly or flat rate.  I do not bill for secretarial or administrative costs; those are all included in my hourly rate.

Flat fees are available for some services.  If you prefer a specific charge rather than hourly rates I will accomodate your request during our intitial conference. 

Sliding fees are also available.  I will tailor my fees to your budget or particular needs where the circumstances warrant deviation from my standard rates.


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